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What does it mean when a guy looks at your lips.??

Ive noticed all the guys im around when i m having a conversation always glance down at my lips when im talking or when their talkin gto me.. i always think t heir looking at my flaws or what not.. i dont know.. really thou gh.. what does this meanWhat does it mean when a guy looks at your lips.??
i feel lips are like eyes... if you manage them well... they can be very attractive... very captivating. Dangerous tools! haha...

But, seriously, if you lips are not cracked or poorly maintained, it could just mean that the guys found your lips appealing? Perhaps you got kissable lips. Nonetheless, if your lips are in a bad shape the guys could be indicating to you its time you do something abt it. However, MOST IMPORTANTLY, is how you feel about yourself. Dont be some1 ur not... if you like yourself way just the way you are now... then stay the same. Hope my advice helps.What does it mean when a guy looks at your lips.??
Their not looking at your lips think about what else do you have that looks good on you.
Obviously they like your mouth and want to kiss it!!
your lips must be extra glossy or very attractive to them, more than likely they must be juicy looking i suppose lol
your knickers are to
means your a freak...try some lip gloss
They are hungry and thinking about what you just ate
Oh darling...he just wants to kiss you.
u mite be wearing to much lipstk . or it also means he wants to kiss u.
As a male i can tell u that they r interested in u coz u r beautiful n wanna kiss u. i think u also know the same.
it means u have dsl
Imagine yourself with serpents coming your mouth, or licking a lollipop. To be perfectly honest, we're just guys with desires towards sexual gratification. And a sex of beautiful lips are dangerous to stumble any strong man, such as myself. It did Bill Clinton in, yes?
They're not looking at your flaws but rather at your assets, and you are justified if find this type of staring offensive. Treat it as if they were staring any other part of your body, and for sexual gratification or imagination; so not as a matter of showing you respect. If there's respect, generally most folks will make eye to eye contact with you and maintain that while speaking with you. But in this case, men who stare at your lips have oral desires or imaginings - and that's not about having conversations or making kisses. I'm guilty of having such desires, but I work to keep such desires in check and to present myself respectful. Please forgive me but this is the truth of I see in your question.

Why is elf (eyes lips face) so cheap? Almost all of their stuff is one there something wrong withit?

nothing is wrong with it. they just dont use fancy packages, or use celebrites, so they can keep the cost down. i like the eyeshadow alot.Why is elf (eyes lips face) so cheap? Almost all of their stuff is one there something wrong withit?
I LOVE E.L.F, i dont think its cheap (as in Quality not price), i love that it's really inexpensive, but i use it and it never cloggs my pores or gives me pimples like other makeup does, i dont like the mascara but everything else i like and it works great on me, i thinks it's an amazing line!!!! Report Abuse
Why is elf (eyes lips face) so cheap? Almost all of their stuff is one there something wrong withit?
i just recently purchesed some e.l.f stuff for the 1st time and this is my frist real makeup brand so...hope it works fo me!! Report Abuse

It is $1 because this guy thought that people should have affordable makeup without paying $10+ so he made E.L.F.

No,nothing is wrong with it,I don't recommend the all over coverstick, mascara or the cream shadows though.

They don't use celebrities or super fancy cool packaging,so that brings the price down.

It's definately not MAC or Mary Kay,but it's still good.

If you're on a budget or don't wanna spend a fortune on makeup, buy some!

Lashes,lipgloss,brushes,cases,lip conditioning and mineral makeup are awesome! The mineral foundation is $5 though and same with the mineral blush.

The bags are a bit more too.

BUT here's the catch,shipping is expensive and takes along time.

Standard shipping? Well there really is no telling when it will come.

If you're lucky it'll come within 3-5 days and if you get normal shipping-2-4 weeks.

Apparently Big Lots sells some products from E.L.F.

Happy Shopping! =]
its because they don't use fancy packaging, i read an interview with the managind director of elf.

also the products are small in size, so its good if you are only buying some make up for a party or something.
nothings wrong w/ it , its a pretty good brand . its better than paying $19 for a mascara ( and i have :/) when its gonna end up doing the same thins as the other kind of mascaras out there so keep on buying it your saving money
Its not the best quality, but it isnt bad. it is just made for the girl who doesnt want to spend a fortune on good makeup. its also great if u want to try something out.
the mascara isn't the best, but i love using their cream eye shadow, it stays put!! lol
what is that anyway..?

What is the medical term when someone someone licks their lips constantly?

that is called LL Cool J syndrome. LOL, sorry!What is the medical term when someone someone licks their lips constantly?

Edit - she's right below. This is wrong. I googled it quick and misread from a list of tongue disorders!What is the medical term when someone someone licks their lips constantly?
ankyloglossia is not this is a condition (known as tongue tied) when there tongue is stuck to there lip or lower portion of there mouth. It is a OCD or extremely dry lips that causes you to lick your lips constantly. Or it can be a tic caused by terrets sydrome.
It's called ';after oral sex clean-up';

Why were Obama's lips purple at the debate?

He's a smoker. The nicotine constricts blood flow and often results in purple appendages.Why were Obama's lips purple at the debate?
Lighting, you see this in a lot of TV programs, there's a purple tint to a lot of things depending on the angle they are filmed from and the spot lights. I was watching SNL last night and the blonde singers hair showed up with a purple tint a few times. Oh, are those SNL Palin skits hilariousWhy were Obama's lips purple at the debate?
Because the same reason McCain lips were pink.

Because their skin colors.

I don't believe you didn't noticed that before.
I don't know. I didn't see McCain's though. He was so typically pi$$ed off that they were stretched tight as guitar strings.
Crack and cigarettes - real presidential material.

Are we going to start rating by attractiveness here? Because I think that's an easy answer, whoever you're supporting.

If you're a McCain supporter, it might be better to not even bring the issue up...
Natural, no lipstick necessary.
Raspberry lip gloss.

He's been drinking his own KOOL-AID.
Sour grapes.
Adjust your set...
Grape drink.
  • engine oil
  • I have a small lump on one of my vaginal lips.?

    It burns when I pee (but only when the urine washes over the spot). And doesn't really hurt other than that. I'm a virgin, so I doubt its herpes. It's not itchy and the rest of the vaginal area looks normal.

    Does anyone have any idea what it could be.I have a small lump on one of my vaginal lips.?
    a pimple or you had an itch and accidentally scratch it...try applying monistat cream...I have a small lump on one of my vaginal lips.?
    in-grown hair?
    ingrown hair or a pimple

    When my hb falls asleep in front of TV his lips are moving as if he is kissing someone, is he cheating on me? a pucker, I mean really! what type of dreams would cause for him to move his lips like that? I wake him up (without him knowing it of course) then I say, you were talking in your sleep, what did you dream about, he says ';I don't remember';When my hb falls asleep in front of TV his lips are moving as if he is kissing someone, is he cheating on me?
    Wow. You must be really insecure and untrusting. Is there something else that makes you think there might be something going on? When you have a suspicion, every little thing seems odd. But if not, you need to get a grip because that is ridiculous. Seriously. Give the guy a break!When my hb falls asleep in front of TV his lips are moving as if he is kissing someone, is he cheating on me?
    It's probably nothing.... I mean really.... do you dream about things you do? not to often and he probably really doesnt remeber.... and who knows maybe he's dreaming of you... no worries :) (not that I know for sure but if this is the only thing that makes you wonder your probably safe)
    Are you insecure? Is there more going on? If it's just like you said, while sleeping he puckers, chalk it up to a dream. it happens, no biggy.
    Not necessarily,maybe that's just the way he sleeps kiss him back when he does that then you'll know he's really making kisses
    it's a form of nippling. he misses his mother.
    lol are you serious?the man was sleeping
    He could be dreaming of kissing you. Stop being so paranoid.

    Why do collagen injected lips look so fake?

    There aren't many doctors who have taken the time to perfect collagen injections; rather, they just learn the procedure and set out to offer it as a service as soon as possible. More procedures equals more money. A really good doctor will take care to make minimal changes to the lips, especially in the area of the Cupid's bow. Have you ever noticed that the lovely shape of the upper lip is absolutely ruined, usually resulting in fish-looking lips, in most collagen patients? That's because too much filler is used.Why do collagen injected lips look so fake?
    They look fake because they are fake. If you inject collagen in any part of your body it will swell. The newer the injection, the bigger the swelling, the bigger the swelling, the faker it looks. Report Abuse
    Why do collagen injected lips look so fake?
    Because the only time you can tell someone has had lip injections is when it looks overdone. When it's a subtle enhancement, you would never even suspect the person had lip injections. And therefore you only associate this procedure with those who have obviously gone overboard and don't consider that many women have had this done and had a perfectly natural result (including myself).
    Because they are.
    Because they are!..... A lot of plastic surgery lots fake because it's almost impossible for it to look natural when it's not......

    I believe that our features are put together by nature because they go together and when you start altering it, it can be hard to make it look real.

    Chi Chi x.